>The plane pick up the dead body Hercules C116-Magetan

Posted: May 21, 2009 in top news


The first plane bring the dead body arrive on Halim Perdana kusumah Jakarta after the president Susilo Bambang Yudoyono having ceremony. This is the name of 16th dead body in the first arrival:
1. Major penerbangan Danu Setiawan
2. Captain Tehnik Sujito
3. Captain Navigasi Arif
4. 1st Lieutenant penerbang Ferdian L Pasaribu
5. Pratu Heru Warsito
6. 1st Lieutenant satu Apo

7. 1st Lieutenant Oman
8. 1st Lieutenant Susjatmika
9. Captaint T. Hari Kusmiadi
10. 2nd sergeant Johan
11. Ms Nuryani
12. Ms Darlina
13. Ms Asmawi
14. Ms Untung Basuki
15. 1st Lieutenant F. Ariyadi
16. Prada Alfon

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