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Posted: April 29, 2009 in top news

>Maker Money
Pay per lead system indentifically with bounty, the company will gift you reward if visitor have registeration to merchant site.
How to make content
The unique content or great theme have a high probabilities and svety to join on adsense programs. If you didn’t have any talent to write content in English don’t worry because the good news there are many source content available on internet for example you may visit this address

Adsense step by step
The adsense program become a great choice to get much money but almost people didn’t knoe how to do that, before you choose the adsense programs better fro you if you find the theme or keywords then get domain hosting to make your unique content.

Choose the theme
Primary needed fro theme in adsense program is important to showing the topic of advertisement on your page web, so if you write about scholarship adsense will showing all about scholarship, the owner of web page very suitable with google loves content, better for you make a content based on your talent, for example about marketing online or else.

Directory content
You still have chance to join adsense by directory web build in available theme, for example http://www.e-traderworld.com but the point is you make the theme or keyword popularity interest fro visitor on internet.

Software theme
Web address used software download available on

buy and register domain or hosting
After you get the theme, just buy or register domain for you and check available on this address http://www.whois.net the truth there some free domain on internet, for example http://www.kabar.50webs.com but I gift you suggestion for buying domain because:
-its easy to remember, free domainalways combine web address on your chice domain behind.
-Have domain its same like you have 1 shop but if you used free domain you just to take a lift.

Google loves content
If you have talent to write the suitable source content you may choose ‘affiliate programs’ include the definition on that affiliate programs make the most visitor come back again to learn more on your page web.
Educational Blogger

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Educational Blogger

“TENTANG PENULIS” Copyright www.kabar.50webs.com

Anda boleh mempublikasikan kembali tulisan ini pada BLOG ataupun WEBSITE milik anda tanpa dikenakan biaya alias GRATIS selama :1. Anda tidak mengubah baik sebagian atau pun keseluruhan tulisan.2. Anda harus mencantumkan ‘tentang penulis’ di bagian bawah artikel, dan memuat link aktif menuju www.kabar.50webs.com atau Fadli Jabir

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